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By   2016-03-25

Hello, my friends,
today I will tell you about some interesting and exciting zuma games, of which you can always find plenty on the best website –

We have some of the most colorful games providing hours of exciting gameplay. My favourite of them all is definitely the Zuma dolphin.. Your task is to pop all the balloons, same as in all the zuma games, but.. There are plenty of levels waiting for you. Starting with the first one being the easiest where not some many colours of balls appear. The speed of this game is quite slow as well..

free zuma game

Another wonderful fun is to play our special Crab hunt. All zuma fans will enjoy this pretty game, even though it is not very easy to manage the task at such a speed as this game has. But I like the theme very much and as with every zuma game I can spend hours of my office job to play and play again. Do you think the crab will pop the balloons to get to the next level, so that finally he gets the beautiful magical pearls? I don’t know the result, but let us help him in his quest..

Funny animals is one of the latest additions in our zuma games collection available online on our webpage. I came upon this cute zuma game and couldn’t stop playing it. Although the theme is set to a childish environment of funny animal heads – e.g. wolf, hedgehog, fox, etc., I like it very much as it brings difference to all the other zuma games where there are always just balloons to be popped. Much more fun I think it is to pop funny animals’ heads. What do you think? Passing level after level the game becomes pretty tough even for an experienced zuma player like me..

zumaThe last but not least game published today is the chinese version of the zuma game fun  – zuma panda.. The game’s design is pretty nice in detail, but somehow lacks the warm atmosphere of zuma games like Funny animals or Crab hunt.. The parts you have to now in this game are again no balloons, but gemetrical shapes of different colors and geometry. I did play this game for some hours and after passing some of the basic levels I got more and more interested in playing this zuma game on and on. Look at this picture and tell me how much do you like this zuma game compared to others you played before

I hope this article was helpful for you to distinguish between the plenty Zuma games online. See you next time, I have to think what I will write about, but surely it has to be some Zuma deluxe game, or something very similar..


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