Zuma revenge

Zuma revenge



Just use your mouse and left click your mouse to spit out the marbles towards the marbles of the same color like you have. It makes a small "bang" and after that they vanish and the whole chain becomes smaller. But not for so long.

Game Details

Another classic this time. Probably the most beautiful and designed in every detail - the famous Zuma's Revenge. Become again the popular frog and prepare yourself for the battle. After pressing the "Play" button it all starts up. The marbles start to roll in their lines and you have to struggle to keep yourself alive for more levels. Spit out the marble each time and match its color with some of the coming ones. There are no secrets in this game this is why thousands of players love it. We love it too and therefore we will bring you new games every week so that you will never get tired anymore. Stay tuned and visit our Facebook profile. Don't forget to share with us your best score. Other players will challenge you and it's gonna be a lot of fun. And again I must say one thing - take advantage of playing online instead of buying expensive software. You also do not have to bother with installation and verrification whether the game will run on your system configuration and of course on your piece of hardware.

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