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Mystic India PopZuma

We travel to India in this exotic game to become one of the Hindu gods, Gunesh. You must control the elephant in order to shoot out Zuma Balls . Like every other Zuma game you must not let the balls reach the end of the lane, or you will horribly lose.
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Welcome to Zuma Online Games - your number one resource for the Zuma Games you always wanted to play online. We have a number of games which you might enjoy playing in the Zuma style. Zuma is a company created by Popcap - and you can play their games by having flash installed as an extension to your browser which is provided by the company Adobe.

All you need to play Zuma games are just your mouse, it's a clicking and aiming game, you do not need your keyboard at all, simply click start in one of our collection of games and you will be ready to go. In order to advance in the Zuma games you must shoot the coloured balls with the identical colour balls your target is. The more coloured balls are lined up together(and you hit them) the more score you will gain. However, if you are not quick enough to eliminate the coloured balls before it reaches the end, you will unfortunately lose.

We have addicting games such as Bingo Balls which will get you playing for a long time to come. And don't forget to visit the new Zuma blog

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