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Zuma Inca Ball

A great twist to the Zuma game, a bit different from the other versions of the Zuma games yet, still, unsurprisingly just as much as fun as the other Zuma Games. It's a bit like space invaders mixed with the Zuma style, I think you should check it out, you won't regret it.
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Welcome to Zuma Deluxe Games - the largest internet collection of online zuma games. It is a brand created by Popcap - and you can play them by having flash installed as an extension to your browser which is provided by the company Adobe.

All you need to play is just your mouse, it's a clicking and aiming task, you do not need your keyboard at all, and simply click start and you will be ready to go. In order to advance in there you must shoot the colored balls with the identical color balls your target is. The more colored marbles are lined up together (and you hit them) the more score you will gain. However, if you are not quick enough to eliminate all the marbles before it reaches the end, you will unfortunately lose.


Why is it that people do not wish to install software on their computers but play online games instead? The answer can be very simple - because they don't have so much time and because they use devices other than desktops to play games. Nowadays everybody has its own smart phone or tablet. Also there are many new operating systems and the games they would like to have do not have to be adjusted for that given system.

Recently I found a funny thing when browsing websites. I always wondered (like many other too) where does the term "zuma" come from. And then I googled out a really surprising article on Wikipedia describing the guy named Jacob Zuma. It is a president of South Africa. It would be great to know what he thinks about what we are talking about now.

Anyway the popularity of online gaming is vast so we try our best to bring you the top level latest zuma games that will keep you fixed to your chair for hours. The danger here is that it can become addictive. This is what I tell everybody that once you get into this trap spending your time shooting colorful marbles and advancing through levels you can't get out. It might be seen by your family members as waste of time, but I can tell you it definitely is not the case.

We have addicting games such as Zuma Dragon which will get you playing for a long time to come. And don't forget to visit the new Zuma Deluxe blog.

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